Online Advertising 4

The world of online marketing and advertising can be extremely overwhelming, and finding means and methods to bring an eventual ROI can make your decision making process that much more difficult. Before you invest in your business, read through the following 7 consideration points to ensure you’re making the best decisions for the betterment and future of your business!

What WORKED Isn’t What WILL Work: Sometimes, we reflect on the past and project as what will happen in the future. Realistically, what was a good means to advertise 5 years ago, much less, last year isn’t always relevant. Ask around to your trusted posse about where and how they connect and learn about businesses – Find out what companies are making moves and dynamically adapting to trending communication, means and what companies are staying stagnant in their progression.

Don’t be Motivated on Price Solely: Weekly, our team hears horror stories of advertising nightmares and marketing blunders from our clients – From outlets that over-promise and under-deliver to others that turned around an ROI of 0.0.  Truly, you get what you pay for. If you get something for free or at little cost, do not expect miracles. Think of it this way… If a doctor offers you a free or deeply discounted treatment, would you be willing to accept all risks associated and be comfortable with the procedure?

You Gotta Do It:  The relatively new mindset is believing that if you have a huge social media base, throwing out some mentions on social media are going to gain you massive success… Not so much. There is a somewhat science and etiquette to social media and most do not market correctly. While social media can grow your business if used correctly, don’t skimp on advertising avenues that are built specifically for that cause. Social media is what is says… social – media.

Stay In Tune With Your Brand: Companies like Coca-Cola and Apple have done a fantastic job with their branding, marketing and advertising – Not only are these companies a household name, they are also brand consistent through all medias. You don’t have to spend a billion dollars a year in advertising to utilize their practices. If you have an ad on one media that is completely different than an ad on another media, you will do nothing but confuse the people you want to attract and you get people believing that the two companies they see are not related! Find a designer or Charlotte marketing agency that you love (YES, we can help!) and entrust them/us with giving you a strong, appealing, and consistent message that can be well received across all medias.

Diversify: Our social and communication culture is scattered and our attention spans are being taken in multiple directions. Here is a fun factoid: When one logs on to a website, their attention span averages 3.5 to 5 seconds. That is not a lot of time to make a bold statement. Do your homework and really find out where your customer and client base resides online. Are they active on LinkedIn? Do most come from search? What are their online patterns? Once you receive a baseline of information, you’ll be able to make worthy decision of what’s best for your business’ marketing and advertising.

Track, Track, Track: Once you use an advertising source, are you doing anything to see how the campaign was received? At the base, make sure you have Google Analytics or a similar reporting source integrated into your website. Take it further and ask people how they came to your website.  If someone purchases something from you online, send them an email and ask them how they heard about you and ask them pertinent questions about their experiences with your business and website. Granted, your answers will not be completely accurate (sometimes people don’t remember where they heard about you or give you an inaccurate answer) but it will give you a beginning base of information.

Give It Time: On average, it takes people 7 exposures to a business, event, product, etc., before they will take the step to engage. Our attention span is asked to be directed a thousand different ways and it takes time for a concept to sink in. Be patient.

I give it a 3/5.


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