When people use a search engine to look up a term related to your business, you want your website to be one of the top results. Different sources of the internet are connected, and effective search engine marketing (SEM) is critical if you want your site to gain popularity. Here are a few suggestions to help your website rank well on search results.


Well-written content that focuses on key phrases is the best tool you can use for search engine optimization. Search engines like Google are red flagging keyword stuffing, which damages your rankings, and internet users are much less patient with fluff, so it’s important to write succinct and attractive content.

  • Fresh, quality content will attract links from other sites and improve rankings. Updating your site on a regular basis can significantly increase traffic to your site.
  • Strive for unique content. While it seems that everybody has already written everything, no one has a style quite like yours. Use your individual style to attract traffic.
  • Search engines can tell when you try too hard. Use natural language in your content. A search engine will count the keywords on your site, and if any term is used too often, it can actually count against you.
  • Write captions to your images. Even images can rank high on a list of search results. Increase traffic by making captions to your photos as descriptive as the actual content of your site.


Links are nearly as important as content in cloud marketing. Focusing on keywords or phrases develops a network of quality links. But, keep in mind that attracting links from other websites is more important than obsessing about keywords. Here are a few tips on links for SEM:

  • Search engine algorithms are changing constantly, but generally speaking, the more quality links a website has, the more valuable that website is. If those links also rank highly, then they can further increase the value of your site.
  • Make sure not to merely post links. Surround your links with descriptive text that relates to your keywords. You may treat links like photos in this regard. Don’t be shy about adding strong links to your photos.
  • Focus on the quality of your links. One solid link can be more effective than many weaker ones. In fact, weak links can draw traffic away from your website.


Search terms are what bring users to your site. While it seems that you almost have to be a mind-reader to know what people are looking for, all it takes is patience and diligence. Here are a few ways to make search terms and design work for your website.

  • It is better to use search phrases than single keywords. Be as specific as you can in your context. If you want to attract local business, put your location along with keywords in the text. Also, mention your specific services within the same phrase as your keywords.
  • Monitor the search terms that bring people to your site. Then, tweak your content accordingly.
  • Make sure your web designer understands your search engine goals and expectations. If you want to participate more in cloud marketing, your site needs to cater to those who use cloud storage.
  • If you find you won’t be changing content often, add a blog to your website. This keeps your website from going stagnant. A blog can offer a fresh, daily perspective to your site, especially if you include customer testimonials and press releases.

If you pay attention to content, links, search terms and design, your website will have the quality and appeal that people and search engines desire. If you spend enough time and make a true and careful effort with your website, you will begin to climb the ladder to the top of organic search engine results.

I give it a 4/5.


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